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Java Log4j Vulnerability

The recently publicised vulnerability that exists in Java has caused some understandable angst among affected users. We have reviewed the Microsoft notification (link here) and confirm that the services we support are unaffected.


For those of our clients with an Ohnyx managed service, we have actively engaged 3rd party vendors to ensure that any client-specific...

Unifi Hack

Privacy hack conducted on Ubiquiti cloud hosted servers.

You may have seen some recent news about a privacy hack conducted on Ubiquiti cloud hosted servers. Rest assured that the processes and high standard of care of Ohnyx IT Services has meant this breach has not affected any of our customers utilizing our hosted Ubiquiti product. We have our...

Why Upgrade To Microsoft 365?

We have talked about how Microsoft 365 is more than just email.

Data protection solutions, cyber security and how to avoid cyber security threats have all been hot IT topics in the Wellington and Wairarapa regions the last few months. However, it seems as if a lot of us who either have it or are considering it may not realise...

Are you a Health Practitioner?

Keep your IT Safe Through Privacy Tracking and Reporting.

If you are involved in the health sector based in Wairarapa/Wellington, now is a good time to brush up on making sure your IT is safe and you are tracking and reporting in alignment with the Privacy code of 2020. Why? Let’s just say the hefty fine ($350k+) is best avoided....

The Data Protection Solution

How Microsoft DLP could help keep your data safe.

If you are a health practitioner, accountant, lawyer, marketer, or you deal with client’s sensitive information on a daily basis, it’s really important to have a very clear understanding of how, as a Wairarapa/Wellington based business, you are going to keep your client’s information safe. With so many warnings that cyber...

The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Protecting your business with ESET Security

Written by: Andrew Fergus, IT Alliance

Now, more than ever, it is important to secure your data. Cybersecurity threats to your organisation, your staff and your clients are becoming a regular occurrence here in the Welington/Wairarapa region. As these cybersecurity threats become more significant, it's really important to understand what they are,...