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Technology vulnerability management

Technology vulnerabilities are an unfortunate side effect of innovation. When software companies push new updates, there are often weaknesses in the code. Hackers exploit these. Software makers then address the vulnerabilities with a security patch. The cycle continues with each new software or hardware update. It's estimated that about 93% of corporate networks are susceptible to hacker penetration. Assessing and...

8 Reasons Every Company Is Now a Technology Company

Today’s companies aren’t just in the business of selling their own goods and services anymore.

They also must master various types of digital tools. Whether you sell shoes or run an accounting firm, you need some type of technology to operate. These include software, payment systems, computers, Wi-Fi networks, mobile devices, and more. Companies also need to protect their devices...

Java Log4j Vulnerability

The recently publicised vulnerability that exists in Java has caused some understandable angst among affected users. We have reviewed the Microsoft notification (link here) and confirm that the services we support are unaffected.


For those of our clients with an Ohnyx managed service, we have actively engaged 3rd party vendors to ensure that any client-specific...

Unifi Hack

Privacy hack conducted on Ubiquiti cloud hosted servers.

You may have seen some recent news about a privacy hack conducted on Ubiquiti cloud hosted servers. Rest assured that the processes and high standard of care of Ohnyx IT Services has meant this breach has not affected any of our customers utilizing our hosted Ubiquiti product. We have our...