Support Services

Our core business is IT Consultancy. This is everything from large-scale solution architecture and its implementation, right down to basic desktop support (like when you can’t get your phone and computer to ‘talk’ or your emails won’t send). We also have a talented web team that can handle any client needs, from simple brochure sites to full web based ERP systems – all at competitive prices.  

Our goal is to maximise your business operations. When we meet with a new client, the first thing we do (before making any suggestions) is make sure we understand what it is you do, and how you work. We analyse your existing IT systems then suggest options moving forward that make the best use of your budget.

Not sure if we can help with your specific requirement? Just ask!

Fixed-price IT contracts

We appreciate predictable expenses as much as you do!  To help facilitate this, we are able to provide a tailored plan that works just for you.  Fixed-price contracts are fair to both you and us. No more nasty surprises at billing time, and no more hesitating to call for help – no matter the problem.

Co-managed IT contracts

Do you have an in-house IT team (or person) that needs a little extra support, or a even a special project that needs some one-off extra manpower for it to get done effectively? Is it time to assess and update your business systems but you feel ill equipped to do so? 

Whether your in-house IT support team is understaffed, inexperienced or just lacking the tools needed, we have the perfect solution: Co-managed IT. We develop a plan to maximise your current staffing and infrastructure capabilities, then our people provide the manpower to put that plan in place (and keep it there!). The level of daily, weekly, or monthly support you’ll need is agreed on too, so you know what you can rely on.  Co-managed IT provides your business with support that is proactive and less expensive than hiring more full-time staff. 

It's difficult to know what the best IT tools for your business are when technology isn't your specialty, but we can help. 

support services