Modernising your workplace


What software you are using can also play a big part in your productivity and we'll work with you to make sure you're using the best thing possible for your industry and your specific needs. Your hardware might be properly spec'd for peak performance - but what software is it going to be running?

We can help your business make the right software selections from a gamut of vendors and packages, ranging from products that are household names to specialist line-of-business software.

Selection  > Deployment  > Up-Skilling  - we're there for you throughout the entire process.


At Ohnyx, we've extensive experience with a wide array of software solutions and vendors, encompassing generic and mainstream programs (such as the Adobe suite), as well as many niche specific programs designed for specialist users and businesses.

Pick your industry, line-of-business or productivity category from the filterable table below for help ascertaining your software needs.

Remember, we're your IT partner, so talk to us and we'll help you work toward achieving peak performance and profitability through smart, leveraged IT solutions.