Modernising your workplace

IT Consulting

At every stage in our relationship, ideally beginning at the earliest opportunity, we encourage client's to avail themselves of our expertise and guidance on anything IT related, or any other business activity that might either impact IT (directly or indirectly), or could be benefitted by using smart, leveraged IT solutions.

The types of conversations we have with clients and valued input we can offer covers a wide breadth of subject matters too expansive to list.

We prefer to keep our message simple: just keep talking to us.

If we're kept in the loop on where your business is heading, new challenges and directions, frustrations, opportunities and everything in between, then we'll be best placed to offer our advice and guidance based on the considerable collective knowledge and experience available to us throughout our team of IT consultants.


We're in it with you - for the long haul. When we partner with clients, we enter into a largely unspoken covenant with them.

We trust that you know the peculiarities and quirks of your industry, and implicitly ask that you trust we know technology and IT in the same way.

As your managed service provider (or holistic health professional for your business), why wouldn't you call on our knowledge and expertise to help you make smarter, informed decisions that affect your bottom-line?

We won't ask you to spend money unnecessarily, but when we do recommend that you spend, it will be because it is going to help you increase efficiencies and deliver a more profitable way of working for your business, not because it will line our back pockets.

There have been many instances in the past where we could have recommended implementing a new solution to our clients that would have increased our short-term profits, without it necessarily being the best solution for the client but that is simply not who we are!

We choose to act with integrity and transparency every single time, and forge long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.


Our team are tech junkies. We're constantly up-skilling and learning new things, even in our down time: it's just what we do; it's the way we're wired. We've seen trends change, tried different approaches and experienced first-hand benefits and shortfalls of different ways of working, learning many lessons along the way. The net benefit to our clients is that within this collective pool of knowledge and experience, there's rarely a business scenario that at least one of our team won't be able to provide a unique take on, in terms of opportunities and creative ways to address challenges through technology, or think outside-of-the-box to find an innovative approach. Drawing on vast swathes of experiences with past clients - not only here at Ohnyx, but across the personal career history of our entire crew - we have worked with and for many disparate businesses across an assortment of different niches, not limited to: Lawyers, Accounting, Construction, Trades, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Veterinary, Automotive, Retail & Hospitality.


A supplemental benefit of keeping those lines of communication constantly open is that we'll often instinctively intuit your needs before you even realise or can fully articulate them. As your virtual CTO, we're happy to put in the hours getting to know how your business works, and generally don't bill for the time taken building relationships and getting to know you better. It's an investment so that we understand how you function, what it is you're doing, how you work, and what you're seeking to achieve. By regularly engaging with us as at the earliest opportunity, we come to understand more about your business, allowing us to offer the most appropriate recommendation and best-fit solutions. If we're asked to quote or spec a particular solution by a client, we're able to take a lateral approach to the problem and in addition to providing the quote requested, also often suggest an alternative (sometimes more cost-effective) option or solution.