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Manage your IT Services

Step 1: Deployment

Managed Services

We take great pride and enjoyment in keeping our finger on the pulse of the fast-moving technological landscape.

As your holistic IT health provider, we consider it our job (and privilege – we’re nerds at heart!) to maintain a thorough understanding of the latest technology in the marketplace, so that we can recommend, install and support the best, cutting-edge technology to empower your business.

Unlike some other MSPs (Managed Service Providers), we’re more than happy to chew the fat with our clients over the latest and greatest innovations, to see if they’re a good fit for your business needs and goals.  If something new comes along that we don’t know much about: we’ll make it our business to find out more about it and see whether it’s a good fit; we usually don’t even bill you for the privilege.

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Deployment of managed services throughout a business is actually the simplest part of managing a client’s infrastructure.


When you engage Ohnyx to be your holistic IT health provider, you are entering into an ongoing relationship with real human beings or 'Norms', as we like to think of ourselves.


Of course, we know that updates are important – but why are updates forced upon us at the most inconvenient of times? Why do updates install so slowly, while we tear our hair out waiting (and waiting) for the PC to reload so we can get back to what we were doing?


It is no exaggeration to state that security (or lack thereof) is now one of the biggest threats to New Zealand businesses. So how can your business best arm itself against being its next victim?

Office 365

Being a cloud service, Office 365’s extensive suite of services, which in addition to business-class email also encompasses synchronised calendar, contacts and traditional Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel, is available to your users from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Cloud Storage

At a consumer level, many individuals have embraced cloud storage as a safe, viable way to manage their devices, photos, and even shared folders with family members. Consequently, the advantages to storing your data in the cloud are transparent and fairly well understood.