Cloud Storage

The Cloud is a hot term that everyone's heard, however as a business tool it isn't well understood.

When your business is in the Cloud, your data and files are saved on high performance, super-secure, offsite servers rather than your own company owned and maintained hard-drives and servers. In some cases you may be able to get rid of your server and a signifcant component of your hardware entirely!

Moving your business into the Cloud can offer real benefits and savings: 

  • Access your files anywhere, anytime, from any device: Cloud storage allows clients to easily access their work from anywhere they happen to be. This enables seamless information exchange within mobile workforces and remote teams. 
  • Peace of mind: Cloud storage is backed up by a series of servers, overcoming concerns over data loss due to technical issues or theft. Typical Clouds mirror your data and applications across a minumum of two servers, so you can stop worrying and ditch the backup hardware (and its associated costs – it's a less expensive way of doing it).
  • Less IT hardware required: For a lot of organisations, Cloud storage can replace the need to buy and maintain expensive servers and storage systems, which means...
  • Less capital outlay: Investment in servers and hardware is expensive. Save the money for something else. 
  • Use less power: Losing the servers are great for the power bill! (and good for the environment too). 

What's involved with moving your business to the Cloud? 

When moving your business to the Cloud, we firstly work with you to determine your needs.  The size of your business and number of users (employees and customers) will decide the level of infrastructure and storage space you'll need.  The infrastructure behind cloud services is tier one enterprise grade, which makes it well worth the investment. It's also important to allow for the growth of your business - another advantage of the Cloud is flexible storage capacity. Once you are up and running with the right software and support you'll probably wonder how you did business without it!

You could say Ohnyx was 'born in the cloud'. We are a Silver-Certified Microsoft Partner in providing Cloud Solutions. We have always offered Cloud services and emphasised their benefits as a tool for enhancing business productivity and security. Call us on 0278416637 to find out how cloud systems could be integrated to benefit your business.

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