Business Solutions

Tailored selection and installation of IT infrastructure and a robust maintenance plan are key elements to a successful, productive business. IT infrastructure design can vary depending on whether your business ranges from one to one hundred people; luckily we have the experience to design a solution that’s best for you. Some of our clients have multiple sites across the country, and IT systems that we have put in place allow remote sites to stay connected and supported.


Ohnyx IT Solutions offers clients a complete range of solutions, from wired to wifi, to achieve seamless inter-device communication for improved efficiency and reduced hassle. From smartphones, to computers, to printers; if it speaks in ones and zeros then we can get it connected for you. (Now if only we could come up with a way to get your staff communicating as well as your machines!) Need a specialized solution?

Talk to us and find out how we can help you.


If networking is all about getting your devices talking to each other, then our software solutions are all about getting you and your team communicating with these devices. With both hosted and on premise solutions tailored to fit your needs, we can offer your business everything you need to create, edit, and distribute content.

But it is not just the setup and install that we can offer you. We provide ongoing support for these software systems, both on and off site.

business solutions