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The Ohnyx IT Solutions – Taking the pain out of managing IT services.

Let’s face it: IT problems can leave you tearing out your hair in frustration, especially when you’re plunged in at the deep end or lack the fundamental skills and knowledge to quickly troubleshoot when things go wrong. But It doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, with us… It’s as easy as 1,2,3…


Modernize your workspace

Technology exists to empower your business, not hinder it.

In order to achieve your business goals, it is paramount that your IT hardware, services and systems enable you and your employees to work productively and efficiently.

The main problem we encounter is one of perception.  Many businesses simply don’t realise how much of a hindrance to productivity (and by extension profitability) their slow, ageing IT systems actually are until we show them just how good things could be.

Here’s the thing: when IT is working optimally, nobody even acknowledges it’s there!

Think about it; IT is invisible until it is problematic.  Our goal is to make your IT solutions ‘just work’ so that your workforce forget it is even there!

If your workforce are constantly griping about elements of your IT setup, whether that be shoddy printers, poor Wi-Fi coverage, slow applications or anything else – it’s time to look at modernising your workplace.


Seamlessly move to the Cloud

In line with our sacred pledge to talk plain English, allow us to try to demystify the concept of cloud computing and “moving to the cloud”.

At the risk of stating the obvious: the cloud doesn’t actually live in the sky.

‘The cloud’ is simply a flowery IT term that fundamentally describes using hardware, processing power and file storage for your business off-site, typically at a 3rd party data centre.

When your business moves to the cloud, a cloud service provider takes ownership and responsibility of everything for you, on their own platform, including the responsibility for keeping all of your systems operational 24/7, meaning you no longer have to worry about ensuring uptime and scheduled maintenance.  The intricacies and specifics of how each 3rd party cloud provider achieves this differ but the key advantage to your business is that it’s no longer your headache.

Other major benefits of using cloud computing for your business include:

  • Less hardware required on your own site, meaning less up-front capital investment.
  • Less hardware equals less risk of hardware failure and associated remedial or replacement costs (the cloud provider ensures there is sufficient redundancy in their architecture to cope with hardware failure).
  • Less risk of down time due to hardware failure (immediate fail-over in the cloud).
  • Less risk of significant data loss due to the immediate synchronisation of data in the cloud.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Whilst we’re huge advocates for cloud computing here at Ohnyx, we’ll perform an assessment for our clients pre-emptively identifying any red-flags or potential risks in moving to the cloud for your business.


Proactively manage your IT

As your holistic IT health provider, we consider it our job (and privilege – we’re nerds at heart!) to maintain a thorough understanding of the latest technology in the marketplace, so that we can recommend, install and support the best, cutting-edge technology to empower your business.

Unlike some other MSPs (Managed Service Providers), we’re more than happy to chew the fat with our clients over the latest and greatest innovations, to see if they’re a good fit for your business needs and goals.  If something new comes along that we don’t know much about: we’ll make it our business to find out more about it and see whether it’s a good fit; we usually don’t even bill you for the privilege.

How We Do It

Proactive IT

As your MSP, we are dedicated to ensuring you experience effective business continuity and increased technological productivity. We put monitors and checks in place so that we can anticipate problems before they even arise and adhere to a proactive rather than reactive approach to support and management of you IT systems.

Tailored solutions

We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ and we don’t try to push a particular product or system on you. Every solution we design is distinct to your specific requirements and is developed with your business goals in mind and devised to improve your operational efficiency.


Fixed price agreements

We appreciate predictable expenses as much as you do! To help facilitate this, we provide fixed-price contracts that are fair to both you and us. No more nasty surprises at billing time, and no more hesitating to call for help – no matter the problem.


Plain English

We know that the world of technology can seem alien to a lot of users so we endeavour to keep communication with you clear and concise. We are approachable, relatable, human beings and we won’t confound you with technical terminology or jargon.



Grey area troubleshooting

We understand that when it comes to IT, knowing who to contact when an issue arises can be difficult. With grey area troubleshooting, we remove this complexity and streamline getting you the support you need. We diagnose the grey area issues and if possible take it through to a resolution otherwise we identify what the next steps need to be.

First-class business IT doesn’t have to be hard work.

Employees who have IT responsibilities thrust upon them, rather than through career choices, are among the most stressed personnel in the white-collar workforce.

At Ohnyx, we take all the unexpected hassle away from you. We understand that business-critical applications such as email need to “just work”, which is why we proactively manage user mailbox sizes to prevent unexpected maximised storage quotas and leverage an intelligent spam filtering engine to keep inboxes clean and manageable.

We deliver security patches and crucial software updates securely and timeously to minimise the risk of threats to your network, whilst our comprehensive backup solutions ensure that restoration from disaster recovery is always just a few clicks away.

Enterprise-class proactive monitoring of network health allows us to pre-emptively push identified fixes out remotely to affected devices before a teething problem becomes a crisis.

Best of all, our Network Operations Centre runs 24/7, so there is always help when you need it!

Make the move today

Are you ready to upgrade your business IT and make your life easier? Then get in touch with us to make a time to sit down and chat about how we can modernize and manage your IT systems and make your IT your competitive advantage.

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