The iPhone 7: headphone-free?

With the iPhone due for release very soon it is almost certain that the lastest iteration of the cult classic will be without the universal 3.5mm headphone jack. According to reports, a headphone with a lightning port (the lastest Apple connection) will be available, but anybody with a standard set of headphones – even really really really expensive ones – is going to be all out of luck when it comes to iPhone + sound in your ears. 

While the lightning port on headphones is not an inconceivable development, what is troublesome is that it will be impossible to simultaneously charge the device while using those new lightning port head-phones. Bluetooth headphones are an option too; however, as is widely pointed out, they are a more expensive option (and they also need to be charged).  

So far the feedback on the rumoured move has been pretty much all negative (perhaps because literally EVERYBODY uses headphones) and it may turn out to be a false rumour yet, but if you want to read a bit more on this (just to get truly stressed) there is a link here.

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